Family seeks to amend civil suit in police shooting

Marquise Jones shot to death by SAPD officer

SAN ANTONIO – The family members of Marquise Jones, 23, want to add Jones' sister, Whitney, to a lawsuit they've filed against the city and San Antonio Police Department Officer Robert Encina.

Encina shot Jones to death during an incident outside Chacho's Restaurant on Feb. 28. Jones was a passenger in a car involved in a minor accident there.  Encina claimed he thought Jones was armed and he feared for his life as Jones attempted to leave.

"If I did it or anybody else did it, we would be punished," said Cheryl Jones, the victim's mother. "We want justice for my son."

The family's lawyer wants the case presented to a grand jury and an indictment returned against the officer.

"The autopsy report clearly points to the fact that Marquis was shot in the back at a distance," said attorney Daryl Washington.

Washington was in federal court Thursday on the civil case the family has filed, asking that Jones' sister be added to the suit.

"Whitney Jones was kept in the back seat of a police vehicle for over an hour to witness her brother on the ground dead," Washington said.

The judge suggested that Washington amend the motion he filed Thursday to add Whitney Jones to the suit. Both sides agreed to return in two weeks for another hearing on the motion.

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