New study shows impact of early childhood education


SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce released new findings Thursday showing how big of an impact early childhood education has on the economy.

The research shows by 2020, nearly two-thirds of jobs in Texas will require post-secondary training or higher education.

College graduates make about $50,000 more per year than people with only a high school education.

It shows those with higher educations are also healthier. They're less likely to suffer from chronic illness and diseases like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

"Our children need to be receiving a better education in order for the business community to profit as much as we would like to from their continuing education and contributions to the workforce," said John Gonzalez, president and CEO of JDG Associates.

The research was released Thursday morning at Margil Elementary School.

The chamber recommends we hold high expectations for our students and offer them strong support, assure that they are proficient in reading by third grade, make sure all high school grads are college-ready and increase college affordability and access.