No charges for driver who hit, killed West Side woman

SAPD: Dolores Soto, 58, was not in crosswalk

SAN ANTONIO – The driver who hit and killed pedestrian Dolores Soto, 58, on a West Side street is not expected to face any criminal charges.

San Antonio police responded to SW 21st Street near Commerce Street shortly before 9 p.m. Tuesday and found Soto lying on the ground near the front of a Chevrolet Tahoe.

In a police report, an investigator said the driver of the SUV had remained at the scene and attempted to get aid for Soto.

Police also said the driver was not drunk and would, most likely, not face any criminal charges.

The report implied that Soto, instead, was at fault. It stated that she was dressed in dark clothing and not in a crosswalk when she attempted to cross SW 21st Street. In addition, the report stated that the area had poor lighting.

On Wednesday morning, news of the deadly crash was beginning to spread among people at a nearby clinic who said they often saw Soto in the area.

"I started asking about her, asking around, 'Have you guys seen her?' And that's when I found out she got hit," said Cindy Ramos.

Another woman, Terry Davila, described the thought of Soto's death as "crazy."

They and others, however, said they're not completely surprised to hear about the accident. It's not unusual, they said, to see drivers in the area who area speeding.

"We get these cars that are going by like they don't care about us," said Elizabeth Rodriguez. "The last time I was trying to cross the street, I almost got hit ... by a black truck. "

There was no indication in the police report regarding Soto's accident that the driver was exceeding the speed limit. It stated that he told investigators he did not see her.

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