UTSA students host 'die-in' to shed light on Brown, Garner cases

NAACP chapter members lay in silence to represent injustice

SAN ANTONIO – Weeks after a grand jury chose not to indict the officer who shot Michael Brown, dozens of UTSA students say they want to shed light on what they are calling injustice in the case.

On Wednesday, in the middle of the UTSA campus, those students held a silent protest, called "die-in."

"It's important that us as young people, that we take charge and be sure that people are aware that we won't be silent about this," said Celeste Brown, an organizer with the UTSA NAACP chapter. "We're trying to prove that not only do all lives matter, but black lives matter."

Every student who participated laid on the ground for 15.5 minutes.

Brown said 11 of those minutes are for the number of times Eric Garner said, "I can't breathe."

And, 4.5 of the minutes represented the number of hours Michael Brown's body laid in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri.

"There should be consequences to not obeying the law," said Celeste Brown. "However, there should definitely not be consequences to the point where your life is taken away and that's where the line is drawn and where it's been passed."

Some participants, like UTSA student Chris Brown, said there has not been a problem with inequality on the UTSA campus. But, he said he still wants to raise awareness.

The UTSA NAACP Chapter has also hosted various forums to make sure students know their rights and that they know how to handle themselves when being stopped by a police officer.

"We're going to let everyone know, you do have a voice," said Chris Brown. "And, it's not just a black thing. It's for everybody. It can happen to anybody and we want to make sure that everybody is safe."

On Thursday, students will also host a town hall meeting at UTSA to discuss their concerns and they are calling on not just students, but also members of the community to attend.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. on the main campus.


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