Crime expert shares how to keep homes safe from would-be robbers

Expert: Strong door frame is key to keep out burglars


SAN ANTONIO – A homeowners first line of defense starts at the front door.

"You can have the best lock in the world but if you don't have a reinforced frame that goes deep into the frame then all this is going to come flying off," said KSAT crime expert Eddie Gonzales.

Gonzales is a retired San Antonio police detective. Hes was in law enforcement for 32 years.

Most of his time was spent investigating property crimes and he says there's no science when it come to how burglars pick their targets.

"I'd say 90 percent would just drive through the neighborhood and say we would got a good feeling, that house there, let's do that one," Gonzales said.

Creating an illusion that someone is home is one of the best deterrents to keep thieves away. Gonzales says dogs, no matter the size are also helpful.

If burglars do make it inside your home they'll almost always go straight to your bedroom.

"The first place they go to is to the bedroom and immediately (they) start going through the drawers turning the mattresses, rummaging through the closets. They'll be looking for any type of jewelry, diamonds, watches, cash, credit cards and particularly firearms," said Gonzales.

Gonzales says all of your valuables should be locked up in a safe and communication between you and your neighbors could make a big difference.