SAPD: Thieves targeting porch packages

Several victims report thefts on NW Side


SAN ANTONIO – A number of thefts have been reported on the Northwest Side where thieves have taken packages delivered and left on front porches.

San Antonio police Sgt. Daniel Anders put out a warning to homeowners Wednesday.

"(If) you leave it out unattended, people are going to take it," Anders said.

Anders said police are working to solve these crimes and that homeowners can help.

"Video is great," Anders said. "We love it. We can get the video out to the public."

Ilene Haerle got a video of someone stealing packages from her front porch.

"You can see his face, you can see the back of his shirt, you can see his Spurs cap on," Haerle said.

She had seen the packages delivered.

In addition to the  video, police also have the tire prints left in the driveway to go on.

They show the suspect's vehicle, which is now believed to be a dark-colored Chevy pickup truck.

Regarding porch thefts, UPS said it's extremely rare and that customers can have the shipment sent to where they are or put in the backyard or behind the garage. They have a service that sends an email.

FedEx encourages its drivers to stay alert and customers to customize their deliveries, consider an alternate location or request a signature.

After Rob Arevalo captured video of a package theft from his porch and found his cameras couldn't pick up the license plate of the vehicle, he bought new cameras.