Uber, Lyft fighting city regulations

City council expected to vote on new rules for transportation network companies

SAN ANTONIO – The future of transportation network companies in San Antonio is on the line.

The San Antonio City Council is expected to vote Thursday on a new set of regulations governing rideshare companies like Lyft and Uber -- both of which have been operating illegally in San Antonio for months.

On one side of the argument are Lyft and Uber, companies that  use mobile technology to couple people who need rides with drivers who have space in their personal vehicle.

On the other side is the local cab industry, which is pushing these tough regulations.

Some of those new policies include drug screenings, fingerprint background checks, vehicle inspections, permitting fees and high levels of commercial auto insurance.

Thursday morning, both sides clashed at City Hall.

Officials with both companies say these regulations are a barrier to doing business, and they'll consider leaving San Antonio if the policies are approved.

Uber and Lyft officials have said it would make it very difficult -- if not impossible -- for them to operate in San Antonio, costing people their jobs or, in many cases, a supplemental form of income.

"A yes vote (for the regulations) means we'll have to cease operations here," said Uber General Manager Leandre Johns. "A lot of what is in the current ordinance just disallows us from being able to provide a service here in San Antonio."