Burglar ransacks dance studio hours ahead of party

$1,500 worth of electronics, gifts stolen

SAN ANTONIO – Students at a local dance school are trying to keep their holiday spirits up after a thief ransacked their studio.

The burglary happened in the 1200 block of Nagolitos Street around 3:30 p.m. Sunday.

The thief smashed through a glass door to get into the Monica Moon School of Dance and steal $1,500 worth of electronics and gifts.

Instructor Monica Moon met friends at the studio Sunday afternoon to help set up for a Christmas party.

"We walked in, things were just scattered, drawers were open, things were ransacked. Gifts for the children were stolen," she said.

The party was planned for later Sunday night, when Santa would hand out the gifts to children. 

The studio's stereo system was also taken, along with other electronics and tools.

"With all of our equipment that we were going to have our party with, plus our shows that are coming up, plus our parades that are coming up -- we do parades with all of this -- it's all gone," Moon said.

While the dance studio equipment won't be easily replaced, parents rushed to the stores hours ahead of Sunday night's party to purchase gifts for Santa to hand out in place of those that were stolen.

"We're always telling them (the children), 'Keep your spirit up.' We're going to do a show, we're going to go here and then something like this happens, it kind of brings them down," said Moon.

Moon filed a police report and said officers searched the area and alerted nearby pawn shops.

She asks that if anyone has information on the break-in to call police or her studio at, 227-5803 or 480-1019​.