Truck crashes into house, injures boy

CPS Energy responds to gas leak caused by crash

SAN ANTONIO – A 10-year-old boy was taken to an area hospital after a pickup truck plowed into his grandmother's West Side home.

Firefighters say the driver had a seizure prior to crashing into the home in the 800 block of Southwest 36th Street just before 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

Emergency crews said the homeowner was not injured but both her grandson and the driver of the truck were transported to University Hospital with minor injuries.

Mary Lou Gomez has a daughter that lives two doors down from the home.

"It could've been my daughter's house. I was worried about it," Gomez said.

Shortly after the incident, CPS Energy crews were called to the scene because the truck slammed into a gas meter. The entire block was shut down and homeowners were kept at a distance as crews worked to cap the line.

"The odor was strong. We had to move to a site because it was kind of strong, the gas," Gomez said.

By 3:30 p.m., CPS had finished the job, the truck had been towed away, and firefighters worked to stabilize the structure.

Damage to the home is estimated at $20,000.