Holiday travel begins at SA airport


SAN ANTONIO – It may not be the busiest travel day of the year at the San Antonio Airport, but you can definitely expect more travelers this week than on a normal week.

Airport officials said from now through the first few days of January travel will be more than average.

One family from Mexico City are in good spirits. Tuesday they braved the madness, traveling late the day before Christmas Eve and they're scheduled to arrive in their hometown without any delays.

"This airport is perfect. There's no crowd just the malls, but we didn't have any problems traveling," said traveler Veronica Rojas. 

The San Antonio International Airport encourages travelers to keep in touch with their airlines and to expect crowds in the terminals.

On their website they posted these quick holiday travel tips:

Arrive early, know where to go--especially if you rented a car, bring all documents, and make sure boarding passes are ready at TSA checkpoints.

Also make sure to leave gifts unwrapped so they can be inspected by security agents.