SA River Authority searches for citizen scientists

Citizen scientists utilize iNaturalist app

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio River is a tourist attraction and a center for commerce, but not a lot of people notice the nature tied to it.

A number of new species are calling the river home, which means the river authority is in need of citizen scientists.

Citizen scientists will utilize an app called iNaturalist to help identify and locate species, plants, fungi, and insects.

According to river authorities the dam is teeming with bird life.

"Mostly just ducks, storks, and small birds and things like that," said Yviand Serbones, with the San Antonio River Authority.

What's unique about having so many feathered friends is their discernment for water quality.

If there are lots of birds you can be sure there are a lot of fish which means the water is healthy enough to sustain fish for the birds to eat.

So if there's fish, then we've got a healthy ecosystem and a clean river.

SARA will arm you with all you need to know, and thanks to help from citizen scientists, it has gained valuable research and is identifying rare species.

"We have a really beautiful species that's visited us from central and South America called the Neotropic cormorant," said Serbones.

For more information on becoming a citizen scientist, you can sign up here to be a watershed wise warrior.

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