Sculley says city not involved with push poll

City manager Sheryl Sculley says city not involved in collective bargaining phone poll


SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio City Manager Sheryl Sculley released a statement to the mayor and members of city council that stated neither she or anyone else associated with the city is behind the recent telephone poll regarding the collective bargaining negotiations between the city and the police and fire unions.

In a memo sent out Tuesday, Sculley said the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce is conducting the survey.

Sculley also said the chamber has been conducting the survey, but does not know what questions are being asked or what the results are.

Last week, the police union expressed outrage after learning about the survey when a column in the San Antonio Express-News linked the city manager to the phone poll.

Sculley wants the public to know that is not true.

Richard Perez, President and CEO of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce issued a statement Wednesday morning that read in part:

"Recently, the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce has been erroneously accused of conducting a coordinated "push poll." This is a type of poll, which utilizes short phone calls that provide the person taking the poll with a burst of negative messages hoping to shape opinions through intense negative suggestive statements. The results of push polls are statistically invalid and are not a fully representative sample of the community. The Chamber of Commerce has never funded a push poll in our 120-year history. This type of poll is not useful nor is it necessary for our work."