Texas woman providing hope with Project Prayer Box

HOUSTON, Texas (Ivanhoe Newswire) – What would you do if you had just moved across the country and found out a loved one back home had cancer?

This Christmas we introduce you to one woman who's turned that question into one of the most important things she's ever done.

Just days after leaving home, Paige Lewis got the devastating news that her mom had breast cancer.

Paige Lewis told Ivanhoe, "You hear cancer of any kind and you can't help but go to the worst outcome in your mind."

Paige had just moved 1,500 miles away to pursue music. Not knowing how to cope, she took a hike up a nearby mountain in LA.

"I just felt like there was something really powerful about being that high and that close to God literally and praying," Paige told Ivanhoe.

She decided to write prayers for her mom and hike them up the mountain each day, where she hid them in a coffee tin beneath the only tree to survive a wildfire.

Paige told Ivanhoe, "And then I named it the Survival Tree and was like this is just absolutely meant to be like it's unexplainable."

By Christmas, a precious gift arrives, Paige's mom Sherry was cancer free. And a special surprise gift from Paige that morning.

Sherry Lewis, told Ivanhoe, "Absolutely no clue in my life did I know what was getting ready to happen."

Paige's secret hikes were finally revealed in this scrapbook. This summer, Sherry hiked up to the tree for the first time.

Now Paige wants the work to continue. She's created Project Prayer Box and invites anyone with a prayer to send it her way and she'll march it up the mountain for free.

"It's the most important thing I've ever done," Paige Lewis told Ivanhoe. A gift she wants to continue giving.

Paige is working to bring Project Prayer Box to other cities across the US. So far she's hiked up more than 200 prayer requests.

And she says even if you don't believe in prayer, send her your "wishes or worries" and she'll hide them on the mountain as well.

To learn more about Project Prayer Box or to submit a prayer, log on to projectprayerbox.com.