Friday Freebies - Dec. 26

SAN ANTONIO – This week's Friday Freebies offer a lot of free music and a delicious appetizer opportunity.

The popular Disney movie "Frozen" is a big hit, and did you know the movie is based on a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale called "The Snow Queen?" Audible.com is offering a free audiobook of "The Snow Queen" now until the end of January. 

I bet your child has also sung the popular song "Let It Go" about a dozen times. Google Play is offering the movie soundtrack for free, including all 32 tracks. 

Google Play is offering a variety of other songs as well, all available for download at no cost. The artists include Jason Aldean, Hunter Hayes, Rihanna, Green Day and the White Stripes. 

From music to food. If you're interested in a free appetizer from Texas Roadhouse, all you have to do is sign up for their email club to take advantage of the deal.