SAPD: Man stole from elderly mother, pawned possessions

Jimmie Rich, 56, charged with theft


SAN ANTONIO – A theft suspect identified as Jimmie Rich, 56, is accused of stealing from his own mother and pawning her possessions while she was on vacation and he was supposed to be watching her home.

An arrest affidavit stated Rich's 77-year-old mother reported the crime to San Antonio police in November, stating that she arrived home from vacation on Nov. 17 and found her home in disarray.

The woman told officers she also found drug paraphernalia inside her home and noticed her TV and jewelry were missing.

The affidavit stated that she told police that her son, Rich, had agreed to stay there while she went on vacation.

She said that she confronted him a few days after her return and he admitted he took the items and sold them, but agreed to get her property back, the affidavit stated.

When he returned with only a few items, she said she pressed him about getting back all of her property, but Rich ignored her drove off in her car, the affidavit stated.

The woman later found receipts in her home and car indicating that more of her property had been pawned than she had realized.

Police said the dates on all of the receipts coincide with the time when the victim was on vacation. Rich was arrested Saturday on a charge of theft involving the elderly.

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