LaHood not to rehire Cliff Herberg

LaHood: 'It's a matter of a different vision for the office'

SAN ANTONIO – Nico LaHood will make his way into the District Attorney's office Thursday, and his first order of business will not be to rehire First Assistant District Attorney Cliff Herberg.

LaHood said it's a matter of a different vision for the office.

"I know that he would not have the vision or the culture that I see as far as the direction that I want the DA's office to go," said LaHood. "So it's only normal that he isn't going to make the cut."

Last month LaHood introduced his top-level staff, which includes attorneys working under the present administration.

"There's people in the office that I kept that openly were against me -- that did not support me -- but in my mind, objectively thinking about it, I knew that they were best for the position," he said.

This was a move that drew the approval of at least one member of the commissioners court. Commissioner Kevin Wolff said it made sense from the standpoint of office efficiency.

"He hasn't had nearly the changes I've seen in the past," Wolff said. "In fact, he's kept some really strong people, and myself as well as other members of the court were very happy to see that. Cliff just didn't happen to be one of those."

Wolff also said this is simply part of the reality of working for an elected official.

"You expect some changes, especially at the top," Wolff said.

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