San Antonians share New Year's resolutions

SAN ANTONIO – Wednesday was the last day of 2014 and San Antonians were celebrating the impending new year by sharing their New Year's resolutions as they walked around downtown.

Chris and Lisa Lisowy had a very specific New Year's resolution and said they're sticking to it!

"We want to move down South, maybe to Texas," Chris Lisowy said.

They said they're trying to escape the New York cold, but clearly didn't catch a break in San Antonio this week.

"Cold! It's cold!" Lisa Lisowy said.

The good thing is that they know these temperatures aren't typical and plan to move down within the year.

They're not the only ones making unique resolutions.

"I want to hit five home runs this year!" local student named Clay said.

His friend Jack had a great answer too: "Earn a million dollars!"

There were also a bunch of people with some more typical resolutions.

"Our new years resolution is to drink less Cokes!" a group of friends said.

"Mine is to make this year better than last year and to just have a good time, be a good teacher, and make the most of everything I do! " San Antonio teacher Amy Calvert said.

"I definitely want to travel more and just spend more time with those I love," Jessica Collins said.

Its a known fact that resolutions are easier to make than to keep. One piece of advice is to make the same or a similar  resolution as your family or friends so you can hold each other accountable. That might make it a little easier.

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