Final 2 victims of senior apartment fire identified

Ramon Villarreal, 85, and Molly Urban, 75, killed in apartment fire

CASTLE HILLS, Texas – The final two victims of the six killed in the fatal Wedgwood Senior Living apartment fire have been identified. 

Ramon Villarreal, 85, and Molly Urban, 75, have been identified by the Medical Examiner's Office. Their causes of death have not been released.

Anita Marie Woodson, 79, was identified early Wednesday morning. The Medical Examiner's office says Woodson died of smoke inhalation and complications with cardiovascular disease.

The other three victims are Charlene Lowry, 71, Jose Gonzales, 73, and Karen Betz, 74.

Residents are being asked to contact Castle Hills City Hall at 210-342-2341 to let the city know they are safe.

The Bexar County fire marshal is leading the investigation into the cause of the fire, assisted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

Wedgwood is an independent senior-living facility composed of 297 units.

The building was constructed in 1962.

City of Castle Hills taking close look at building codes

As firefighters continue to investigate the fire at the Wedgwood apartments, Castle Hills city officials announced Tuesday afternoon that not all floors at the Wedgwood were equipped with sprinkler systems.

Because of the age of the building, Castle Hills Mayor Timothy Howell said, it had been grandfathered in after the city adopted new building codes two years ago.

"We will strongly suggest that they go above the code if that's what's needed," Howell said Tuesday afternoon.

The building is closed and there is timeline as to when it might re-open.

Resident praises firefighters' efforts

On Tuesday, Roberta Pratt was one of the survivors who was hoping to get in to retrieve much-needed medication.

Despite the difficulties she is now having, she said she is extremely thankful for the heroic efforts of the firefighters. Pratt had only been living at Wedgwood for a month when the fire started Sunday morning.

"I went to the bathroom, came out and all of a sudden the smoke just hit me," Pratt said.

Her daughter-in-law Sandra Pratt said it didn't take firefighters long to rescue her.

"The firemen were able to help her negotiate the hallway and get her down the stairs safely. She was on the fifth floor and they were generous and kind and helped her get her walker," Pratt said.

She also noticed multiple incidents of firefighters working to calm and reassure the elderly residents.

"Even in the fog of all of it, we still saw a lot of compassion and personal investments in how they were feeling," Pratt said.