New Bexar Co. judges sworn in

Rookie jurists, veteran judges relish ceremony

SAN ANTONIO – More than a dozen Bexar County judges were sworn in Thursday during a handful of ceremonies held at the courthouse.

"While it's a goodbye from being Becky and Clara's guardian, it's a hello to helping serve at a much higher level in Bexar County," said Probate Court Judge Kelly Cross.

Cross is no stranger to what is now her probate courtroom. She's been a legal advocate and guardian to the disabled and victims suffering from mental illness for more than two decades. Her goals as a judge are the same as they were when she was an attorney.

"It's a chance for us to show respect to the lowest person in the room who cannot care at all for themselves, and lift them up way above where you are, where I am and where they used to be," said Cross. 

While Cross' journey on the bench is just beginning, Judge Steven Hilbig is taking another step in his long legal career. He'll bring nearly 40 years of experience to the county's 187th District Court.

"Seventeen years as a defense attorney, 15 as a prosecutor and six as a judge," Hilbig said as he rattled off his resume.

Hilbig is also a former Bexar County district attorney. He grew emotional as he made a pledge to anyone who may find themselves in his courtroom.

"My pledge to you, and to the rest of the citizens of this community, is no shortcuts," he said. "We'll follow the law and do it fairly with respect to all."