Video shows thieves steal RV from SA storage facility

RV owner pleads with public to help police find his 'home'

SAN ANTONIO – A man is pleading for the public's help after his RV was broken into and stolen from a San Antonio storage facility. 

KSAT-12 obtained surveillance video which shows that the RV wasn't the only vehicle the thieves targeted.

Thieves broke into Canada native Dennis Klone's RV and 10 other vehicles around midnight Tuesday at Noah's Ark Storage Facility off of Interstate 10 East before driving away in the RV.

"It's like losing your home," said Klone.

The theft of the RV came in the middle of Klone's annual winter trip to San Antonio with his wife. 

"They broke into the other units, stole whatever was loose, ransacked everything, took TVs, VCRs," Klone said. "I kept my motor home plugged in, ready to go, because we were going to Louisiana after the new year. So it's full of fuel, full of water, full of propane, ready to travel."

Over a span of four hours, surveillance video shows the thieves piling all the things they stole into Klone's RV and driving it out of the gated facility. 

"It's all personal stuff that you use from day to day that you have in your house, you know? Like a fire. It's gone," Klone said through tears.

It's not just Klone's personal things that are gone.

"We've got a business up in Canada, so all the business keys, the vehicle keys. Everything is in that motor home," he said.

He hopes the RV's unique dark-green color scheme will make it easier for police to track down.

"Of all the motor homes I've seen, I've looked through the books, I've only seen two others with that color. So it's going to be easy to spot," said Klone.

With a full tank of fuel, the thieves could drive it around 1,000 miles before having to gas up. Klone desperately hopes the public will keep their eyes peeled for the vehicle he calls his home. 

If you see a motor home that has dark green markings, you are asked to call San Antonio Police. One of the thieves followed behind the RV in a pickup hauling a silver trailer. The vehicles may still be traveling together.

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