Expert discusses best locations for home security cameras

Living room, side doors, among best places to put them

SAN ANTONIO – Home surveillance systems have increased in popularity, with more homeowners installing them to monitor activity, and catch crooks in the act.

Tim Krebs, spokesman for security company Protect America, said 2014 saw three-times more home cameras installations than 2013.

"I think it's because they're more accessible, they're easier to use, they're less expensive now than they've ever been," Krebs said. "And they've also caught up to the modern lifestyle."

Krebs also said, where a camera is placed can also be crucial to a home's security. He recommends placing a camera in a central location within the home, such as a living room.

"If someone were to come in most likely they would have to come through this area to get to the kitchen, to get to another bedroom, to get to anywhere in the home," Krebs said. "So we've placed this security camera right here, so if they were to come into the home, most likely they'd have to cross the path of this camera."

And while the front door is a common spot for intruders to enter, Krebs said the back or side doors are equally important.

"It's very difficult to predict where they'll come, but yes, it's very common for someone to come through a side window," Krebs said. "This is the prime place for a burglar to have some privacy and really go to work on your window."

Statistically thieves are also less likely to target you if you have a sign displaying the name of your security company in your front yard.

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