Mother's disappearance leaves family in anguish

Paula Diaz disappeared in December 2010

SAN ANTONIO – After four years of searching, countless unanswered questions have taken their toll on Pauline Diaz's family.

"It's been torture. She is not the person who would just leave her children, leave her grandkids, leave everybody in the family," said Juanita Diaz, Pauline Diaz's daughter.

Surveillance video captured Pauline Diaz leaving an HEB on Southeast Military Drive near Goliad Road Dec. 4, 2010.

The video also shows Pauline Diaz talking with a woman who followed her out of the store. Moments later Pauline Diaz was gone. Neither woman was ever seen again.

"I know that lady knows something," Juanita Diaz said.

The Diaz family has never lost hope, but every time a body or remains are found they can't but wonder if it's Pauline Diaz.

"You get (the) I hope that if she's passed on this will be her so that we no longer have to wonder. Wonder if she is there, is she here, is she still alive, is she is in good health," said Paula Diaz-Martinez, Pauline Diaz's daughter. "At the same time no one wants to hear the news that this is it. She really is gone."

Anyone with information on Pauline Diaz's whereabouts or the individual involved in her disappearance should call Crime Stoppers at 210-224-STOP.