FBI: Email from 'FBI Director James Comey' a scam

Email promises millions of dollars to recipient

SAN ANTONIO – It seems scammers are trying, yet again, to dupe the public -- this time, by using the name of FBI Director James Comey.

The emailed "notice" promises millions of dollars have been released in your name from a foreign bank using a "secret diplomatic transit payment."

"I don't think anything of the such exists," said FBI Special Agent Michelle Lee. "If there's an important document or important information the government needs to convey to you as a citizen, it's going to most likely come in the form of a letter that will be mailed to your home."

The notice also contains misspellings, grammatical errors and phrases that don't make sense -- all of which are often tell-tale signs of a scam, Lee adds.

The email even warns recipients against "miscreants, hoodlums and touts" who scam innocent people "thereby tarnishing the image of this wonderful country."

"Every hour or minute that we're working hard to make money or save our money, they're coming up with new and creative ways to take it away from us," Lee said. "And don't let them do it."

Lee says if you receive such an email or a similar scam, delete or throw it away.

Scams will often threaten recipients of arrest or criminal charges, for example, if they do not comply.

The fake notice from FBI Director James Comey says if the recipient fails to respond, they will be prosecuted for "cross border terrorist financial activities."

Lee adds that if the FBI suspects someone of illegal activity, agents will visit that person rather than send an email.

"Handling the affairs of lotteries and lost fortunes is not something we do," Lee said.

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