Man arrested for bank robbery was on probation for bank robbery

Edgar Lamarr Scott, 56, charged with Dec. hold-up in Alamo Heights


SAN ANTONIO – The man wanted for robbing a Chase Bank in Alamo Heights Dec. 8 in the 5900 block of Broadway was wearing a grey baseball cap and tennis shoes. He left in a red four door sedan. Police said they saw photos of him wearing the same clothes and with the same car on his wife's Facebook page.

They also said in a criminal complaint that it wasn't the first time the man they identified as Edgar Lamarr Scott committed a bank robbery.

He was on probation until January 2019 for robbing a bank. In fact, it was at a meeting with his probation officers where Scott learned he was wanted for the Alamo Heights robbery.

But before Scott was arrested, Schertz police said he robbed an IBC bank there on Feb. 2.

In both the Alamo Heights and Schertz robberies, police said Scott handed over cash and asked for change. Once the tellers had their cash drawers open, Scott allegedly jumped over the counter and took the money from the open drawer.

Police said a relative tipped them off to Scott after the Schertz robbery. They compared the surveillance images to his drivers license photo, then turned to Facebook. His page was inactive, but police said his wife was not.

They found one picture of Scott "posing in the restroom with one leg up while wearing the exact same tennis shoes that he wore during the aggravated robbery in the Chase Bank video."

It also said Scott was "wearing the same grey baseball cap in a Facebook photo as the one he wore in the Chase Bank robbery. The bill of the cap had the same shape as well as the crown with no insignia or markings anywhere on the cap. Witness at the time of the aggravated robbery saw Scott get into a red four door sedan. There is also a Facebook photo of Defendant Scott standing beside a red four door sedan matching the one described during the aggravated robbery."