SAPD: Capital murder suspects planned to steal pot from victim

Michael Ramos arrested, 2 others sought in robbery, slaying of Reynaldo Guerrero


SAN ANTONIO – When Reynaldo Guerrero was found dead in his car Dec. 3, 2014, police knew he had been shot several times. Since then, they've learned why he was killed and arrested a man they believe led Guerrero to his death.

An affidavit for the arrest of Michael Ramos said records from Guerrero's cell phone revealed his last contact was with Ramos. Ramos reportedly told investigators Monday after his arrest that he arranged a drug transaction with Guerrero and two other men.

During that deal, Ramos told police the other two men held Guerrero at gunpoint and that his hands were restrained. Ramos said Guerrero was not allowed to leave the home. Guerrero was killed in his car, shot several times in the torso. The car was found in the 300 block of Corliss.

Ramos told police he made plans with one of the men to "hit a lick," described in the affidavit as "stealing the victim's marijuana."

Guerrero's speaker box from his car was also taken. Police said they found it at the home of a family friend of one the suspects. She said it was given to her hours after Guerrero's body was found.

Police were still looking for the other two suspects. Their names and photos have not been released.