The Bachelor Blog: Drama unfolds in South Dakota in Episode 6


Episode 6 of "The Bachelor" opened with the continuation of last week's rose ceremony. (In case you missed it, Kelsey walked out, fainted in the hallway, and asked to talk to Chris.)

Meanwhile, the incident dominated the conversation with the other women, and feelings of frustration took center stage. Many thought Kelsey was trying to manipulate Chris.

This was hard to watch because Kelsey was one of my top picks from the beginning, but I certainly understand the perspective of the other women. During the rose ceremony, Mackenzie and Samantha were sent home. 

Chris and the remaining women went to Deadwood, South Dakota for their next adventure. 

Becca was excited to learn she was going on the one-on-one date. After a horseback ride through the wilderness, they shared a heartfelt conversation around the campfire. No surprise, she got a rose at the end of the night.

I think she is definitely the underdog, but the other ladies better watch out! I can't wait to see where their relationship goes. 

Back at the hotel drama unfolded with the ladies. Whitney, Carly and Kaitlyn confronted Kelsey about her sketchy behavior. Kelsey seemed shocked and baffled by this conversation with the ladies.

The group date was a celebration of country music. Big & Rich was even part of the action, and helped the women prepare love songs for Chris. The ladies didn't hold back and Chris was impressed. 

Later in the evening, Chris took charge of his alone time with Britt and the pair ran off to a Big & Rich concert. During the show, the couple went on the stage and he gave her the rose. In this moment, my romantic side got so excited! But the mood took a drastic turn when they got back to the other women. 

Anger, tears and insecurities filled the other ladies as they shared their thoughts. This "Bachelor" junkie completely understands their whirlwind of emotions, but I also feel a little bad for Britt. It's not her fault they have undeniable chemistry! 

Ashley I. and Kelsey got the two-on-one date. It's no secret they do not like each other, and those feelings were magnified on this date.

During their alone time, Ashley I. told Chris that Kelsey did not mesh with the group and they thought she was fake. But Chris didn't keep their conversation to himself. He shared it with Kelsey, who went on to confront Ashley. 

It turned into a big mess that backfired on both of them. Chris ended up sending both of them home! Let's be honest, I don't think either of the ladies handled the situation appropriately. They both let their childish behavior get in the way, and it caused their search for love to come to a dramatic end. 

Get ready for a two-part special next week! It all starts Sunday at 7 p.m. on KSAT 12.