Katie Vossler experiences San Antonio museums

Katie Vossler walks you through San Antonio museums

SAN ANTONIO – When exploring San Antonio's vast array of museums, the best place to start may be with Texas history. From trail rides to longhorns and the oil industry, you can learn about it all at the Witte Museum.

Museum president and CEO, Marise McDermott is proud of the museum's re-creation of what the main plaza would have looked like in old town San Antonio.

"San Antonio was the center of the frontier for over 100 years," McDermott said.

Despite construction on the museum's new $100 million expansion, the Witte remains open. In the South Texas Heritage Center, you can learn about the history of south Texas and then head over to play in the interactive HEB Body Adventure.

Continue your taste of history by heading over to the Institute of Texan Cultures. Here, you don't just learn about Texas, you learn about Texans. Twenty-six different cultures are represented and volunteers show visitors how life used to be years ago.

James Benavides is the communications specialist for the institute and he said one of the museum's treasures is a little old lady named Mrs. Francis.

"Mrs. Francis will teach you how to make cotton, remove the seeds, cart it and get it prepared for spinning into thread," Benavides said.

Now visit the beautiful McNay Art Museum. Daniela Oliver-Portillo, director of marketing at the museum, said this is where you can experience art in unique ways.

"We have lectures, we have concerts, we have workshops for art making," said Oliver-Portillo, "So we really have a lot of programs and I would really say there is something for everyone here at the McNay."

On Valentine's Day weekend, the McNay is hosting a 5K run/walk in honor of its founder, Mrs. McNay's, birthday.

If you have a true love for art, head downtown to the San Antonio Museum of Art. Katie Luber is the kelso director at the museum.

"So here at the San Antonio Museum of Art, our visitors can experience 6,000 years of world history, spanning the globe," Luber said, "You can come to our museum and see the world."

One of their most popular events is an art party that is hosted every second Friday of the month.

Finally, on your tour of museums, don't forget to include the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. It's a perfect spot for those warm, sunny south Texas days. Bob Brackman, executive director of the gardens, said if you haven't been there recently, it may not be what you expect.

"It's not the same old botanical garden they might have seen 20 years ago. There's fun experiences for the entire family throughout the calendar year," Brackman said.

There is so much to do and see at each of these venues, visitors could go every week and still not catch it all. Don't worry about the cost, either, each museum hosts free events every month. Just check their websites for dates and times.

Here's a link to each of the museum's websites for further information:

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The Institute of Texan Cultures  

The McNay Art Museum  

San Antonio Museum of Art

San Antonio Botanical Gardens