Alamo Heights apartment complex gets conditional approval

Architectural Review Board votes to go forward with 150-unit complex

SAN ANTONIO – A proposed 150-unit apartment complex is one step closer to becoming a part of Alamo Heights.

On Tuesday, the city's Architectural Review Board voted to give "conditional approval" to go forward with the project.

During Tuesday night's meeting, the majority of Alamo Heights residents who got up to the make a comment said they were are ready for a change.

"You just see development all around San Antonio," said Lawson Jessee, Alamo Heights resident. "You see San Antonio growing and improving and you haven't' seen that in Alamo Heights. So, this is a really great start for that."

Jessee said he is in support of a proposed mixed-use development at 5514 Broadway.

"It's a challenging project," said Rich Archer with Overland Partners Architects. "It's controversial. I think we got to hear from a lot of citizens who came out in support of the project, who really believe it's the best thing for the city."

However not everyone's on board. Many residents expressed concerns with the rushed process and the size of the development.

"We're really not against the development," said Debbie Nason, president of the Alamo Heights Neighborhood Association. "What we're against is the size and just the enormity."

"I don't feel that it actually does fit the architecture of  Alamo Heights," said Siobhan Kiernan, Alamo Heights resident. "It's a four story building. It seems a bit excessive."

Developers will take the project before the city's Planning and Zoning Commission next month, if it gets approved, it will go to council for a final vote.

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