City attempts to reduce repeat 911 callers

Pilot program to run for 3 months

SAN ANTONIO – The city's efforts to reduce the number of calls to 911 by repeat callers are developing slowly.

Last year, only 300 people were responsible for more than 4,000 911 calls. City officials said Wednesday that number has been cut in half.

The city's mobile integrated health care program saved taxpayers nearly $60,000 and is used by EMS crews to provide medical assessment and preventive health care education to repeat offenders.

So far, only 20 serial callers have been enrolled, but the early returns give Chief Charles Hood confidence that the program's potential expansion will be beneficial.

"The faster we can get to you is what's important," Hood said. "Maybe we can get there quicker because we're not spending time on a frequent caller."

The pilot program will run for three more months, and more funding will be needed to continue its operation.