Texas ranked 3 for worst drivers

Texans easily distracted while driving


SAN ANTONIO – Over the last decade Texas has grown in population earning its title "The Great State of Texas," however, Texas drivers are not so great.

According to carinsurancecomparison.com, Texas is the third worst state in the country when it comes to driving. The statistics are compiled by rankings from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

South Carolina and Montana tied for the number one slot and Minnesota, Iowa, New Hampshire ranked top three best U.S. drivers. 

"Very bad," is how Brian Platz describes it, a driver's education instructor in Michigan.

"I totally believe it," said Lee Hinojosa, a San Antonio resident.

"We have ignored some of the basic rules of driving," said Maria Nelson a San Antonio resident.

According to Officer Marcus Trujillo, San Antonio and KSAT traffic officer, distraction while driving is the main culprit.

"We have had reports of people doing things like reading the paper in stop and go traffic, putting on makeup, shaving, even putting on deodorant," said Trujillo.

One of the worst offenses committed by drivers is that they do not use signal lights.

"One of the biggest gripes that a lot of folks have and will air these gripes to officers every chance they get," Trujillo said.

"Nobody uses turn signals here," Platz said.

Other than the distractions drivers don't seem to realize that it takes skill getting behind the wheel.

There are two simple rules of thumb that can alleviate problems on the road, one putting away distractions and paying attention to what's going on around you.

"Be a defensive driver, watch where you vehicle is, watch your lane position, watch for the vehicles around you, watch what they are doing and try to anticipate somebody's moves before it actually happens," Trujillo said.


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