What MAY get you out of a ticket?

Officers have heard a LOT of excuses from speeding drivers. Every now and then, one is just good enough to send the driver off with just a warning.

Sergeant Frank Bellino with the Bexar County Sheriff's Office shared these stories:

"The common one is I had to go to the bathroom. I actually had somebody tell me one time I was driving with my head up – and you tell me where they thought it was. And so at that point I was like okay sir, go ahead and have a good day because he already knew that he had committed the violation, it wasn't something that he did intentionally, and I just addressed it and cut him on his merry way and he was happy about that. During Christmastime, it's always refreshing when I stop people and I go back and I check their driving record and if they don't have a driving record, no entries, no previous violations, I usually go back, I hand them their driver's license, I say merry Christmas. They look at me like Santa Claus came. That's pretty refreshing."

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