Diet do's & dont's to prevent developing diabetes

SAN ANTONIO – Diet and exercise are key to staying healthy but Dr. Sherwyn Schwartz of the Diabetes & Glandular Disease Clinic says diet is key.

"Fitness is 20 percent and diet is 80 percent," Schwartz says.

Dietitian Wayne Kostroun at the clinic says avoid buying into diet plans online because some of them sound too good to be true.

"I'd be cautious about anything on the internet half of the stuff is truthful half the stuff is over exaggerated," Kostroun says.

Dr. Schwartz says avoid products containing HCG. Schwartz says they simply don't work.

"The thing about HCG it costs people a lot of money and people think if they spend a lot of money. It's not good. It just doesn't work," Schwartz said.

If you decide to change your diet. Kostroun suggests eating more fiber and less carbohydrates.

"Fiber helps slow the carbs down and makes your body be more sustainable on energy," Kostroun said.