Man says Jack In The Box cashier threw drink at him


HOUSTON – A Houston area man says he plans to sue Jack In The Box following an incident in the drive-thru last weekend. 

Adrian Duncan tells KPRC-TV in Houston he ordered a meal and then got into an argument with the cashier at the window over the price. Duncan said he couldn't believe what happened next.

"I was like, 'Well why are you talking to me like that?' And she was like, 'Because you're coming around here asking me about a price,'" Duncan told KPRC. "I said, 'Well that's not right. You don't talk to a customer like that.' I asked her what was her problem and that's when she hauled off and threw the drink at me."

KRPC spoke to the owner about the incident. Atoor Eyvazian said an altercation did take place, but the cashier was trying to hand a drink to Duncan through the window and somehow it slipped. Eyvazian said the vehicle was moving back and forth, and the drink spilled on the cashier and Duncan.

Duncan said he's prepared to hire an attorney and has not received an apology.

"You throw a drink into my $30,000 car," said Duncan. "You humiliate me in front of people. They have not even offered to clean my car out." 

HPD is investigating the incident as a potential assault, KRPC reports. 

There is no surveillance video of the alleged altercation because the owner said his security video records over itself every 48 hours because of a lack of disc space. 

Information from this article courtesy of KPRC Anchor/Reporter Keith Garvin. KPRC is a sister station of KSAT 12.

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