Icy roads pose problems for Hill Country motorists

Crash victim: 'It looks like a used car lot'


KERRVILLE, Texas – Freezing drizzle set the stage for havoc on Interstate 10 near Kerrville on Monday morning.

Glazed roads caused several drivers to lose control of their vehicles and slide off the interstate.

Within minutes, there were at least five crashes reported, prompting Kerrville police to ask drivers to slow down.

"When you are traveling down the road at 60 to 70 mph, just a little bit of ice can make you lose traction with the roadway," said Kerrville PD spokesman Ben Eubank. "I think people are attempting to drive safely, but again at those speeds it's very hazardous, still."

Tammy Busby spun out in her white Mazda Miata before being hit by a nearby vehicle. But for her, the crash wasn't the worst part of the ordeal.

"As I was sitting there catching my breath and getting my bearings about me, this truck came along also hit the icy patch and he jumped the rail and straddled the rail," she said. "It looks like a car lot, a used car lot."

Texas Department of Transportation officials have been working with law enforcement to identify trouble spots and dispatch trucks with deicing agents to treat the highways.

Texas Department of Public Safety officials were considering closing parts of the I-10 if the freezing weather continued.

Law enforcement officials are asking anyone who doesn't need to be on the roads to stay home.

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