The Bachelor Blog: A virgin goes into the fantasy suite in Episode 9


Bachelor Chris is down to the final three women, and that means it's time for overnight dates in the fantasy suite. 

The backdrop: Denpasar, Bali. 

Kaitlyn was up first. It was fun to watch them play with monkeys on the Indonesian island. During a romantic dinner, she let her guard down and opened up about her feelings. 

In the fantasy suite, they revealed they were falling in love with each other. Kaitlyn has definitely grown on me a lot. During the first few episodes I thought her crazy antics were ridiculous, but she certainly knows how to keep things interesting. 

Whitney and Chris spent their date on the Indian Ocean. I don't think I was the only one surprised when she told him she is willing to give up her career to be with him in Arlington, Iowa. While her squeaky voice drives me crazy at moments, I think she will be the last woman standing. 

"Bachelor" nation waited on edge to see how Chris would react to the news that Becca is a virgin. She waited until the fantasy suite to tell him, and initially he was speechless. 

After a painfully awkward silence that seemed to last forever, he said he respected her. This interaction was bizarre and hard to watch. Sometimes I just want to shake Chris in hopes of getting more of a response out of him! 

Tense does not begin to describe the rose ceremony. Chris pulled Becca aside to talk about some of their unresolved issues, and the other women were sure she was going home. I thought they were going to pick up their jaws off the ground when she returned. 

Kaitlyn begged for an explanation when she was not given a rose. She could barely look at him as he tried to explain himself. No surprise his answer was wimpy and she left shocked, confused and humiliated. Now it's down to Whitney and Becca. 

Next week the women tell all in what's sure to be a dramatic reunion show. This is one of my favorite episodes every season! It's fun to watch the women squirm as they reminiscence about the most talked about moments. 

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