Cowboys, cowgirls drive far, wide to attend rodeos

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo is just one of many similar competitions across the country.

Many cowboys and cowgirls spend more time getting to those rodeos than they do actually competing in them.

Brothers Wyatt and Garrett Smith are in San Antonio all the way from Idaho. They have been on the road for three weeks, along with Wyatt's girlfriend, Holly Bond, and family friend Eldon Day, but their trip is basically just getting started.

They travel in a big diesel rig, complete with creature comforts such as soft beds, a bathroom and shower, a microwave and a fridge.

One thing they don't have is a washer and dryer. Even cowboys have to stop and do laundry.

However, the brothers have a secret weapon when it comes to cleaning clothes.

"I am picky so I volunteer myself," Bond said.

The brothers are actually getting to spend a little extra time in San Antonio. Wyatt is the defending steer-wrestling champ and is in the semifinals. Garrett is also in the semifinals in bull-riding.

It makes it even more special now that they are together and competing at a high level.

"It's awesome (to get to) bring a little bit of family on the road," Wyatt Smith said. "We argue all the time, pretend to fight -- but not really fight -- and there is a lot of trash-talk back and forth."

"It's pretty awesome (to) have someone that helps me out," Garrett Smith. "If you get down (and) aren't doing good, he picks you back up."

"To get to spend it worth theses guys is priceless," Bond said, referring to touring the country on the rodeo circuit.

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