Neighbor helps police track down burglary suspect

Steven Martinez, 25, accused of stealing TV from home

SAN ANTONIO – A neighbor is being credited for helping San Antonio police identify Steven Martinez, 25, as a suspect in a home burglary.

An arrest warrant affidavit stated that officers responded to the home around noon on Feb. 21 and were met by the neighbor, who told them she had seen a man walking out, carrying a TV. 

The neighbor also was able to provide police with a license plate number for the car the man was driving, the affidavit stated.

Investigators said they discovered the car belonged to Martinez. 

They also conducted a search using an online database and found out that he had pawned some of the stolen items on the same day the burglary was committed, the affidavit stated. 

Among the evidence detectives said they found was surveillance video showing Martinez at the pawn shop, selling the stolen property.

They recovered the TV and returned it to the victim, the affidavit stated.

Martinez was arrested on Tuesday on several charges, including burglary. Police said he committed the crime on the day before his 25th birthday.

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