Palo Alto College 2006 time capsule opened

Students to receive 2-year scholarships

SAN ANTONIO – This year Palo Alto College is celebrating 30 years since opening its doors to the community in South San Antonio, and Tuesday a year of celebrations kicked off with the opening of its time capsule.

The capsule was buried at the college in 2006 by the then-third-grade class of Palo Alto Elementary.

About 40 of those students, now high school seniors, were on hand for the big event and given a chance to read essays and revisit photos buried in the capsule.

The president of the college says it's exciting seeing how their hopes and dreams have evolved.

"I think that just looking at these high school seniors now and when they buried the time capsule, what they wanted to be as part of that, writing a letter of what their hopes and dreams were and we want to help them achieve that passion," said Mike Flores, president of Palo Alto College.

During the ceremony all the students from the 2006 third-grade class were given a big gift to help them succeed -- scholarships for two full years at Palo Alto College starting in the fall semester.