South Side taqueria, Sonic fail health inspections

BKD visits Taqueria Las Missiones, Sonic Drive-In

SAN ANTONIO – Results of recent health inspections done by Metro Health reveal failing scores at a South Side taqueria and a Northwest Side fast food restaurant.  

Taqueria Las Missiones, located at 8750 S. Presa Street, failed its health inspection with 32 demerits. 

"Behind the Kitchen Door" stopped by the restaurant and noticed banners announcing the establishment was under new management. 

The new owner would not appear on camera and would not allow our crew to see the restaurant's kitchen saying the timing was inconvenient. 

She tells 'Behind the Kitchen Door' she took over the business on Dec. 1, 2014 and their score was the result of existing problems. 

But the inspection they failed was done on Jan. 15, 2015. She says she was unaware they had even failed. 

Here are some of the things the inspector noted during that inspection: 

  • The restaurant's staff was advised to follow proper hand-washing procedures.
  • The staff was told to make sure food being stored in the walk-in cooler was properly covered.
  • They were also advised to make sure all hand-washing sinks are stocked with both soap and paper towels. 
  • The inspector also told the staff to clean cutting boards, counters and floors.

The owner of Taqueria Las Missiones tells "Behind the Kitchen Door" she's waited weeks for the health inspector to come back to perform a follow-up inspection.

We contacted Metro Health about the delay and learned the inspector did return to Taqueria Las Missiones on Jan. 29.

The inspector noted that some corrections still needed to be made but left the restaurant without performing a formal re-inspection because the owner was not there.

Our inquiry on Feb. 23 prompted an immediate follow-up inspection.

The inspector reports several violations still have not been addressed and must now be corrected by March 6.

Sonic Drive-In, at 7989 Bandera Road, failed their most recent inspection with 31 demerits.

The manager tells "Behind the Kitchen Door" all violations had been corrected but wouldn't elaborate, adding "I can take your name and number and have one of our reps get in touch with you."

Here are some of things they received demerits for:

  • Chili being held at an unsafe 70 degrees (135 degrees is the required minimum temperature.)
  • The staff was told to make sure all hand-washing sinks have hot water.
  • Mildew was found inside their ice machine.

So far, Sonic has not contacted "Behind the Kitchen Door."

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