'DoSeum' preparing for June 6 grand opening

New children's museum opening on Broadway near Mulberry

SAN ANTONIOThe DoSeum, San Antonio's Museum for Kids, is gearing up for a June 6 grand opening.

The facility on Broadway near Mulberry will take the place of the downtown San Antonio Children's Museum.

Construction is nearly complete and exhibits are currently being installed.

Those who drive along Broadway near Mulberry have likely taken note of the progress being made. Decorative blue stone walls and colorful canopies are visible from the road, as well as a wooden playscape that peeks above the walls.

"This is more like a museum set in a park," said Christina Noriega, DoSeum senior marketing manager.

The campus includes 39,000 square feet of outdoor space, which includes a wooden playscape and a water exhibit and pond.

Inside, there's another 26,000 square feet of space with six exhibit halls and a total of 250 exhibits designed to engage and educate children.

"Some people ask, 'How do you get the name DoSeum?' Children learn by doing, so everything is hands-on and touching everything is designed to promote kids' interest (and) get them to want to touch and figure out, 'How does this work?' because that's what really solidifies information in children's heads -- learning by doing," said Noriega.

Some features include a musical staircase.

There's an area called "Little Town" for young kids and a spy academy for older kids.

The DoSeum blends creative arts and literacy with science, technology, engineering and math, with experiences geared towards kids from birth to the age of 10

"The most critical developmental years, in terms of brain development. We think they deserve the best and we set about to build the best," said Vanessa Hurd, DoSeum CEO. "Our content is all focused on what teachers and parents need to support their children's education."

The DoSeum is designed to be one of the top children's museums in the nation.

It is a $46 million project, which was mostly funded by private donations and $3 million from a city bond issue.

The DoSeum is already set up online and registering kids for summer camps.