Taxi drivers protest SA rideshare negotiations

City Council may vote on changes as soon as Thursday

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SAN ANTONIO – A group of San Antonio taxi drivers gathered in front of the Claude Black Center Wednesday to protest City Council's ongoing negotiations with rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft.

Council members may vote on changes to the city's transportation network companies ordinance as soon as Thursday.

"This ordinance is in jeopardy," said Robert Gonzales, Transportation Safety Coalition member. "We don't want the original ordinance revised. And if it does go through, we're going to take it to the constituents so they get voted out of office."

Taxi drivers have said they want the same rules that apply to them to apply to Uber and Lyft.

Last week, Mayor Ivy Taylor said she would ask the City Council to delay requiring gap insurance coverage for drivers working with TNCs. In a statement, she said it isn't feasible for the city to implement the insurance standards set forth in the TNC ordinance because that type of coverage isn't available in Texas.

Taylor also said the city is looking at several options to ease the burden of the existing ordinance: including random drug-testing, alternative fee and payment processes, and having drivers apply in person with a 10-point fingerprint check.

Protesters Wednesday were also asking District 2 Councilman Allen Warrick for improvements to Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

In a statement, Citizens United for Public Safety said it opposes a single entrance/exit road that exposes park visitors because it creates traffic dangers for park visitors. The group also noted it would be difficult for ambulances to enter and exit the park in the event of an emergency.

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