Candidates strive to stand out at mayoral forum

Candidates discuss ride-sharing, annexation, housing, health

SAN ANTONIO – Given a range of questions at Wednesday's mayoral forum each of the four candidates did their best to stand out.

Topics discussed were ride-sharing, annexation, housing, health and a new major league soccer team.

"Tonight we talked about housing, but that's really talking about opportunity for San Antonians," said Mayor Ivy Taylor. "We want to have a strong economy and great safe neighborhoods, so that all San Antonians have the opportunity to move up the economic ladder."

The debate was mostly civil, with candidates agreeing on a wide range of issues but not always seeing eye-to-eye.

"One clear issue that I differ from the mayor on is that I embrace technology and innovation, and ride-sharing. I believe if other Texas cities have figured out how to allow for ride-share and public safety so can we," said candidate Mike Villarreal.

Leticia Van de Putte focused on fixing City Hall and slowing down an aggressive annexation plan.

"That without really compromising fire and police and response time we can annex almost 200,000 people in that time frame and make sure that (they) have the services," said Van De Putte. "I'm for annexation but this needs to be smart and needs to be planned out."

Veteran and candidate Paul Martinez hopes for more of a "people's mayor."

"As I listen to the candidates speak I rarely heard them mention "we the people" listening to what the people had to say. Yeah they had great plans but we can have all great plans," Martinez said.

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