New brewery opens in San Antonio

Alamo Beer Company ready to serve

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio microbrew beer lovers now have another choice when it comes to locally brewed beer.

The new Alamo Beer Company opened its doors to the public Friday.

"You talk about a joyous occasion," owner Eugene Simor said, "It's fantastic. I am really excited about today."

Simor began the dream 11 years ago. The last five years, he was selling beer out of his wife's minivan. 

Now, he has a plant to produce his beers and a new facility for the public to enjoy them, featuring a beer hall, beer garden and an outdoor gaming spot.

The brewery produces four basics: An amber lager, a pilsner, a pale ale and a golden ale. All four are distributed around south Texas and soon to be across the state. A fifth beer is brewed especially for visitors.

"I like it," said Emily Wolfe, one of the first visitors. "It is very unique for San Antonio. I love the feel, and the atmosphere is great."

"It's hipsterish, kind of like a storage yard meets brewery. I like it a lot," visitor Andrew Egyub said.

The location was not without controversy. Some neighbors preferred the brewery's location, under the historic Hays Street Bridge, to be turned into a park.

"I really think if the protesters showed up today and looked at what we have done, they would find out we have truly honored that Hays Street Bridge," Simor said.

"It's definitely a link between the East Side and downtown," visitor Rogelio Arando said. "(It's) good for everyone, I think."

The Alamo Beer Company also offers tours of their brewing facility.

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