Man with gunshot wound found dead in doorway

Victim found dead in doorway of home in 100 block of Overhill Drive

SAN ANTONIO – A man with a gunshot wound was found dead early Thursday morning in front of a house northwest of downtown San Antonio.

A preliminary SAPD report stated a witness saw the victim lying in the doorway face down just after midnight in the 100 block of Overhill Drive.

The witness did not immediately call police because the home is vacant and the witness thought the man was drunk and had passed out at the location.

Several hours later, the witness saw the victim had not moved and called 911, the report stated.

SAPD officers and paramedics arrived at the scene and pronounced the man dead. 

The medical examiner then discovered the man had apparently suffered a gunshot wound.

The victim is believed to be between 25- and 35-years-old. Police have not released his name and said he did not have a wallet or any identification on him when officers arrived.

Information on a possible suspect was not released.

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