SAPD: Woman was fatally shot trying to break up fight

Angelina Ruiz, 47, fatally shot on Brooks Street, suspects sought

San Antonio police are working to track down the person who killed a San Antonio woman caught in the crossfire of an East Side shooting Thursday night.

Angelina Ruiz, 47, was shot and killed in front of her home in the 200 block of Brooks Street, police said.

San Antonio Police Officer Doug Greene said officers were called to the 1100 block of Lamar shortly after the shooting, where they located and detained several teens for questioning.

However, he said, police did not make any arrests and as of Friday evening, they were still looking for the alleged shooter.

Greene said the incident happened around 7 p.m. when four or five teens showed up to the 200 block of Brooks Street, looking for another teen who was allegedly involved in some sort of carjacking.

He said police believe returning to the scene may have been some sort of retaliation.

During the dispute, Greene said, Ruiz tried to break up the two groups, but that's when one of the teens fired a gun, striking her upper body.

She was transported to the hospital, but did not survive her injuries.

"This is a very sad case," said Greene. "This is an innocent victim that was trying to do the right thing. She was trying to stop these individuals from fighting and unfortunately, she lost her life."

Family members said she was a mother of four children, a stepmother to two and a grandmother to 13 children.

Greene said police are looking for anyone involved with the shooting death and that the teens had initially gotten away in an older model brown vehicle.

If you have any information you are asked to call homicide detectives at 207-7635.





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