Auto shop owner IDs suspected thief on Facebook

Javier Lopez, 26, charged with burglary of a building

SAN ANTONIO – An auto shop owner whose surveillance cameras recorded a burglary at his business on Oct. 27, 2014, did his own detective work. He was able to identify one of the suspects on Facebook.

A police affidavit said Hector Terrazas, the owner of the CD Tire & Automotive Company, 3607 Culebra Rd., started showing surveillance pictures of the suspects to his customers and people in the area after the crime. His legwork led him to Facebook, where he matched the surveillance pictures to Javier Lopez, 26.

Lopez's Facebook page showed a Spurs basketball logo tattoo above his right eye and the letters "SA" tattooed on his neck, the affidavit said. The photos reportedly matched the surveillance images.

Through Lopez's Facebook page, the affidavit said Lopez also went by the nickname "Wero."

Terrazas went to Lopez's home and called police after spotting a custom chrome wheel in a parked car he said was stolen during the burglary.

Police talked to Lopez's mother, who reportedly said, "She knew nothing about the property inside the vehicle in the driveway" and said it did not belong to her or her son.

Police searched the home and found other items taken in the break-in, including two sets of custom wheels, car batteries, automotive tool kits, a computer with a monitor and a keyboard. Officers also found a piece of paper from the magistrate's office that had the name "Wero" listed as Lopez's nickname.

Lopez escaped from the home before police could find him. He was arrested Tuesday.

Police said Lopez and the other unnamed suspect recently served time in prison for burglary.

Lopez is being held in jail without bond.