Italian chef brings simple, bold flavors to San Antonio

Chef Spotlight: Chef Luca Della Casa


SAN ANTONIO – After traveling to visit a friend in San Antonio 10 years ago, Chef Luca Della Casa ended up staying and leaving his home in Italy.

Chef Luca fell in love with food and cooking when he was a child growing up in Italy and has worked his way up from the bottom to become one of San Antonio's top chefs.

His knowledge for cooking was even featured in the cooking show competition "Food Network Star," where he was one of the finalists.

Chef Luca now brings his ideas and flavors to San Antonio at "Nosh" and "Silo Elevated Cuisine."

"I tend to be very simple on the dishes that we put together and I want to follow seasonality as much as possible."

Now calling San Antonio home, Chef Luca is hoping in the future to open an Italian restaurant and continue to see the growth of the culinary scene.

"San Antonio is an amazing city to be in right now, there is this big explosion of restaurants in town and there is still space for a lot of growth."