Local chef proves you can eat healthy without skimping on taste

Chef proves you can eat healthy without skimping on taste


SAN ANTONIO – A local chef is out to prove you can eat healthy without spending hours in the kitchen, or sacrificing taste for bland and boring meals. 

There's an old saying in the culinary world -- never trust a skinny chef. But don't use the saying on Jesse Rodriguez.

"I think I've proven that saying isn't always true," Rodriguez said.

The gourmet chef wasn't always thin.

"My highest weight was 361 pounds," Rodriguez said.

More than two years ago Rodriguez had gasatric bypass surgery -- a decision he made when he realized his weight was affecting his relationship with his kids.

He now offers healthy meals that can be delivered right to your home or office.

"It's going to be full of flavor and it's going to be fresh," Rodriguez said. "Clients select at least three meals a week from the healthy, on-the-run menu. All you need to do is heat it and eat it."

Adela cardenas has been a client for four months. She said she enjoys the variety and the taste and loves the results she's seen.

"I've noticed a lot of inches lost and just more energy," Cardenas said. "I'm not that hungry, so I can see a big difference."

Whether they use his service or not, Rodriguez said he hopes his transformation will inspire others to make some healthy choices in their own lives.

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