Motive sought after husband strangles wife in far West Side home

No sign of trouble on Geryk's wife's Facebook page

SAN ANTONIO – It's been nearly 24 hours since a man walked into a police substation and confessed to killing his wife.

Bexar County investigators are still trying to determine what exactly happened inside their far West Side home.

Jonathan Geryk, 24, is charged with the murder of his wife, Katrina Danielle Geryk. 

"After (Jonathan) Geryk turned himself in over to police, he was brought over here to the Bexar County Sheriff's Office and he was interrogated by our criminal investigative division investigators," said BCSO spokesman James Keith. "They talked to him. They were trying to find out some reasoning behind his motivations, why he decided to take the actions that he did." 

However, investigators never got those answers. While interrogating Geryk, sheriff officials said he grabbed a deputy's gun with the intent to harm himself. 

Looking at Katrina Geryk's Facebook page, there is no sign of trouble.

Katrina posted in December that she was proud her husband was starting his first day of work at University Health Systems, where they were both employed.

There's even a Bible verse she shared, that her husband, she called "Johnny" sent her.

There's also a picture of him with his two young children, who sheriff's officials said were at home at the time of the murder.

"We don't know what they've heard, what they have seen," said Keith. "Obviously when they get through these next few days, realizing that their mom's not around anymore, it' s going to be a tough time for them. And now, they're not going to have their father with them either because he faces charges. It's just one of those situations where it breaks your heart to see these young kids lose both of their parents."

Keith said the two children were unharmed and are now staying with relatives.

As far as Geryk, he faces additional charges after grabbing a deputy's gun during questioning and is also on suicide watch at the Bexar County Jail.

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