Women turn to surgery to get perfect fit for rodeo boots


HOUSTON – The Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo doesn't just bring out the best in livestock and entertainment.

It's all about the fashion, too -- from the hats, jeans belts and of course the boots.

For some women, finding the perfect pair of boots is nearly impossible, and they're willing to go under the knife for slimmer legs.

Monica Escobar, 39, is one of those women.

This year Escobar decided to take a drastic step towards getting the calves of her dreams by having calf boot surgery, also known as calf liposuction.

"When I wear boots, I like the gap when I see it on other women," Escobar said. "Like they have the gap with their outfit and I'm like, 'That's what I want my leg to look like.'"

Escobar went to renowned Houston plastic surgeon Dr. Franklin Rose.

"Calf liposuction is actually frequently requested," Rose said. "Fortunately, in Monica's case, she has good amendable fat."

To give her calves a more symmetrical and contoured look, Rose also performed liposuction on Escobar's knees and thighs.

Escobar's entire surgery took about an hour and a half. The cost was $4,000.

"I can already see a difference, I'm really excited," Escobar said.

She is already making plans to enjoy the final week of this year's rodeo.

"As the swelling goes down, I'm really excited to get into some skinny boots," Escobar said. "You'll get into some skinny boots in a hurry."

This story comes courtesy of our sister station in Houston, KPRC.